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How Much Do You Trust Your Lay-Leaders?

I have just returned from another two weeks in Kenya with EAP. I have been serving there for about 10 years. My primary role is Equipping Leaders / Building Teams. The ministry has been growing and expanding, and for the past two years, I have been giving leadership with Dr. Colette Cozean in a “Leaders of Leaders” (LOL) Program.  We identified 18 proven leaders to see if they could develop to be LOL (I know… cute abbreviation).  Twelve are completing the program this June need help.

Last week, we continued our training, and then we met with the two people each of them invited to be mentored by them over the next two years.  So, the 12 have now become 38! 

Besides a national team, we now have leaders and teams in 12 geographical zones throughout Kenya, working on local projects like water wells, boy’s/girl’s homes, sponsorships, scholarships, medical clinics, laboratories, farming, rescue center, etc.  Some of the programs also reach into Tanzania and Uganda.

When we come alongside local churches, leaders, and communities, we are serving “the least of these” with concrete and tangible assistance for health and wellness.  We are also seeing the eight indigenous denominations doing evangelism and starting churches.  We are committed to serving the whole person.

Seeing, feeling, and hearing the gospel is making a difference in people, villages, a country, and the Kingdom of God!

Consider three things:

1.  Join me on a trip to Kenya and see some amazing people and ministries. Get involved!

2.  Give personally or as a congregation and be a RCA Mission Partner with EAP.

3.  Pray for me and the work of EAP as it celebrates it 25th anniversary this June.

The RCA is really out there!  Here are a few connections I had on this trip:

A.  I met some pastors and congregational members from the church in South Sudan.  They credit RCA missionaries for their knowledge of Jesus Christ.

B.  I attended an ordination and Educational Centre dedication at a Reformed Church of East Africa (RCEA) in the slums of Nairobi.  The church was literally built on a dump…and is being a light set on a hill.  They are transforming lives and the community… street by street (It reminded me of Emmanuel Reformed Church in Paramount which has committed to transform the city…block by block).  Three leaders from the Reformed Church in the Netherlands were also present.

C.  I was able to visit with Roland Van Es who serves as a missionary, teach at St. Paul’s University.

East Africa Partnership (EAP) is a RCA Mission Partner (https://www.rca.org/east-africa-partnership)

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