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The Congregational Vitality Pathway

In the Far West Region, we use the Congregational Vitality Pathway (CVP) to help churches move toward becoming healthy missional churches.

 The Vitality Pathway is process that uses two workshops, congregational assignments, and an assessment tool (PULSE) to help a local church with dependence upon the Holy Spirit to discern God’s purpose and plan. The goal of the Pathway is to help every church discover what it means to be a Healthy Missional church.


A workshop that introduces the language of vitality, including the four types of churches and the ten healthy missional markers. The truth will set you free.


A workshop that offers tools for change management, including helpful constructs for your leadership and church. All living things change.


A workshop that guides the Strategic Ministry Planning team in the discovery, development and deployment of a ministry plan. Jesus had a strategic plan.


A congregational assessment that measures the currently reality and trajectory of your church using the 10 Healthy Missional Markers.