Calvary Reformed Church

Title: Care Pastor

Purpose: This Care Pastor will provide vision and leadership in our recovery ministries and in the oversight of congregational care at Calvary Church.

Direct Report: Executive Pastor

Mission, Vision and Values:

➢ Calvary Church exists to…REACH lost people for Jesus, GROW passionate disciples who are sent to SERVE as a hospital for the broken.

➢ Calvary staff values...HUMILITY, TEACHABILITY, LOYALTY and FUN.


➢ Exhibits a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ

➢ Ordained (or open to be) as a pastor or elder in the Reformed Church of America

➢ Committed to the mission, vision and values of Calvary Reformed Church and to the care ministries of Calvary

➢ At least three years of counseling and recovery group experience ➢ Ability to integrate Christian theology into pastoral care and counseling

➢ Feels a call to a pastoral care role and ministries that equip Calvary to provide God’s healing and encouragement through the local church Core Responsibilities:

➢ Oversee the Celebrate Recovery (CR) ministry at Calvary Church

  • Ensure proper training, leadership growth and encouragement within the CR ministry at all levels in order to provide direction and vision for the ministry

  • Oversee, encourage and develop the T.E.A.M leaders of CR

  • Assist in recruiting and developing serving teams within the CR ministry ○ Oversee and encourage the worship and technical arts teams for CR

  • Oversee and coordinate the teaching and testimony components of CR

  • Collaborate with the Calvary Kids team for CR children’s ministry needs

  • Collaborate with the Calvary Staff in ways to integrate the CR ministry and attendees into the fabric and culture of Calvary Church

➢ Oversee the care needs of the congregation at Calvary Church

  • Lead a team of people at Calvary Church responsible to care for those who are sick, shut in, and/or in the hospital; making visits as necessary

  • Oversee support groups at Calvary Church

  • Oversee the spiritual and emotional counseling needs with the pastoral staff ○ Assist in funerals and weddings with the pastoral staff

  • Collaborate with the ministry leaders at Calvary when care needs arise and provide assistance as needed

  • Collaborate with the pastoral staff at Calvary to identify care needs and implement a care strategy for people

  • Identify local partnerships and resources for people in need of assistance ○ Recruit and develop people with the gift of shepherding for the care team

➢ Oversee the prayer team providing leadership development and growth at Calvary Church

  • Recruit and develop people with the gift of intercession and mercy

  • Oversee a team of people after services to pray for people as needed

  • Communicate the prayer needs of the church family to elders and leaders

➢ Preach on the weekends in collaboration with the teaching and preaching team at Calvary (three-five times a year)

*And any other duties needed to help drive to our Vision, fulfill our Mission and abide by our Organizational Values. Time Commitment:

  1. Full Time

  2. Meetings

    a. Staff

    b. Leadership Growth Night/Elder

    c. Pastoral

    d. Recovery ministries

Compensation and Benefits:

  1. Compensation to be determined by CLT based on candidate qualifications

  2. Benefits may include:

    a. Health package

    b. Retirement benefits

    c. Leadership development assistance

    d. Housing allowance